Ending the Marriage
Divorce (Dissolution)

Arbitration Forms:
Arbitration Award
Arbitration Settlement and Order of Removal from Trial Calendar
Arbitrator's Certificate of Mailing 
Arbitrator's Request for Compensation
Note for Trial Setting and Statement of Arbitrability
Request for Trial De Novo, Sealing of Award & Note for Trial Setting
Response to Statement of Arbitrability
Stipulation to Arbitrator

Civil Forms:
Calendar Note: Civil Motions - Commissioners
Calendar Note: Civil Motions - Judges
Certificate of Trial Confirmation
Note for Trial Setting and Statement of Arbitrability
Notice of Appearance Pro Se
Order to Show Cause

Criminal Forms:
Calendar Note: Criminal Motions

Domestic Relations Forms:
Calendar Note: Family Law Motions
JIS Background Check (Permanent Parenting Plan)
Mother's Declaration Regarding Paternity
Pretrial Statement
Stipulation and Agreed Order of Paternity

Guardianship Forms:
Declaration of Proposed Guardian (GR-11)
Oath of Guardian (GR-10)
Inventory (GR-3)
Personal Care Plan (GR-2) 
Designation of Standby Guardian (GR-4)
Guardianship Accounting (GR-1)
Final Accounting Supplement (GR-1A) 
Periodic Status Report (GR-5)
Declaration of Completion and Receipt (Minor) (GR-6)
Notice of Change of Address or Name (GR-7)
Receipt for Blocked Account (Minor) (GR-8)
Receipt for Blocked Account (GR-8A)
Petition to Withdraw from Blocked Account (OR-22)
Order for Withdrawal from Blocked Account (OR-21)
Motion to Modify/Terminate Guardianship/Replace Guardian (OR-18)
Motion to Change Venue (OR-17A)
Motion (General Form) (OR-5A)

Manual for Guardians under Title 11

Interpreter Forms:
Information Sheet for Interpreter Service
Interpreter Declaration Order 
Interpreter Invoice Form

Other Snohomish County Superior Court Forms:
Commissioner Recording Request Form
Fax Filing Procedures
Fax Filing Registration
Fax Cover Sheet


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